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Top 15 Badass Women Chefs in America Slideshow

Top 15 Badass Women Chefs in America Slideshow

Sonya Coté

Chef/Chef-Owner: East Side Show Room and Coté Catering

Home Base: Austin, Texas

Badass Because:
• She looks like a grown-up spaghetti Western-version of Shirley Temple, complete with blonde curls and dirndls, but runs her kitchen with Big Texas style, making her own croissants and charcuterie.
• She’s not just a locavore, she’s a raging local food maniac: Nothing says "from Texas" like antelope tartare, braised duck wings, and goat ribs.
• She’s a Twitter fiend, dispensing her cooking advice in 140-character snippets. Lately it’s: "If your tomato sauce is bitter, add a date! It’s what my grandma used to do." And: “When rendering pork lard add a potato. It will absorb the impurities & make your lard snow white!"